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Our references

SEEIT is an electronic and informatic component provider since 1996.

Main activity of the company

Selling of electronic components.
Selling of informatic accessories.
Selling of professional and consumer brand electronic finished products.

Legal notices

Registre du commerce et des sociétés : Clermont-Ferrand
Numéro de TVA intracommunautaire : FR95 403 460 017
Siret : 403 460 017 00029
Capital social : 7622,00 €
APE/NAF : 518J

SEEIT, company established in 1996, has for main activity the distribution of professional electronic equipment.

SEEIT is aimed at professionals customers, but also at general public depending on the product.

SEEIT provides innovatives electronic products as well as a wide range of memories and electronic integrated circuits.

SEEIT undertakes to provide a service of quality for the selling and the after-sales service.

SEEIT a more than 15 years of experience in the field of conception and distribution of electronic equipment.